Yvonne J. Medley is an author, features writer and photographer, currently concentrating on the sequel to her debut novel, God in Wingtip Shoes (April, 2012, Urban Books/Kensington) and on promoting Domestic Violence Awareness, using her second novel, Jubi Stone: Saved by the Vine (July, 2013, Urban Books/Kensington). It’s the prequel to God in Wingtip Shoes. Upcoming is her collection of novellas and novel-lattes, titled, Two Old White Ladies in Africa: and Other Life Journeys and her screenplay, titled, Journey to Nowhere.


     Medley has worked on staff at The Washington Times and freelanced for several publications, such as The Washington Post, People Magazine, Gospel Today Magazine, A Time to Love Magazine and other national/local outlets.  Medley garnered recognition for controversial pieces on racism and the church, and the psychology of sexually abusive clergy.


    Her work was cited in online encyclopedias/reference links. News stories have been published about Medley’s contributions. Her photography has appeared in The Washington Post, other news outlets, and featured in the Charles County Arts Alliance’s 2014 Spring Gallery Exhibit.


    Medley travels the country, interviewing intriguing personalities as well as daily heroes, proving that everyone has a riveting and beneficial story to tell.  As an author, she is also invited to book clubs, nationally; and invited to participate in Author events, such as the Writers Live! Series, held at the Enoch Pratt free Library (Baltimore), and she creates and/or sponsors events in partnership with the Charles County Public Library.


    She conducts her Life Journeys Writing Workshops, designed to empower/encourage incarcerated men/women as well as youth/adults within the general population.  Some of these workshops have been supported by the Maryland Humanities Council’s One Maryland: One Book. Medley is the founder of The Life Journeys Writers Guild, Inc. (LJWG), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, serving writers and lovers of the Literary Arts.


    She has also taught English as a Second Language (ESL) and ABE (Adult Basic Education) adult learners.  Medley is a Point of Change Jail & Street Ministry, Inc. volunteer, dedicated to uplift/positively impact incarcerated men/women and their families. For her volunteer efforts, she received the 2012 Drum Major for Service Award from The White House.


    She was nominated a Woman of Impact (2015) by the Southern Maryland Women’s League and A Woman Trailblazer (2016) by Charles County Commission for Women. Medley conducted her writing workshops for The Maryland Writers’ Association’s 22nd Annual Writers’ Conference, MWA’s Annapolis Chapter in 2014, Maryland’s Big Read, featuring Ray Bradbury’s science fiction masterpiece Fahrenheit 451 (sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts),


    The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History & Culture as well as for various educational programs and churches.  Under the LJWG, Medley also conducts intense writing workshops, monthly, titled, Write on Wednesdays—with a Twist! and Write on Saturdays—with a Twist!


     Medley’s available offerings include: novels, God in Wingtip Shoes and Jubi Stone: Saved by the Vine; The Prison Plumb Line, a novella and stage play (credits include: College of Southern Maryland, DC Black Theatre Festival and THEARC [view/book the play at www.prisonplumbline.com]); and her Novel-Lattes, titled, The Number Hole and The Counselors. Medley is a wife and mother of four, and lives in Southern Maryland. To contact her, click on www.yvonnejmedley.com.